Melbourne artist makes UV tattoos that glow under a blacklight

Melbourne-based tattooist Tukoi Oya makes people see body art in a different light – quite literally – by using ultraviolet ink for her designs.

Under normal lighting conditions, UV tattoos appear to be just like any other tat. However, once placed under the ultraviolet rays of a blacklight, the special ink will start to glow, emitting neon colours in stunning shades of purple, red, yellow, green, blue and orange.

The aesthetic suits Oya’s style too, which is largely composed of fine lines and dotwork. Inspired by nature and outer space, her designs include whimsical motifs of flowers, animals, mason jars, skulls, and heavenly bodies.

And if you want to have some deep meaning behind the tattoos, Favriver said, “There is light in every dark situation… or room.”

You can check out Oya’s Instagram page to see more of her radiant works.