Featured Image for Man with tiny penis proudly does ad campaign about tiny pricks

Man with tiny penis proudly does ad campaign about tiny pricks

You know what they say: it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it. And for 50-year-old Ant Smith, he’s using his to promote health awareness.

Smith is said to have the smallest penis in Britain, with a schlong that measures one to two inches when flaccid and four inches when erect. But instead of being ashamed of his size, he’s actual proud of it – which has led to his becoming the face of a new wellness campaign.

In the ad for blood-testing company Thriva, Smith is seen carrying a placard that reads, “There’s nothing wrong with a little prick.” This of course, refers to how people can take their own blood samples at home – via a simple finger prick test – then send the vials to a lab to test for cholesterol, liver function, iron, and vitamin deficiencies.

Ant Smith

“This campaign with Thriva is the perfect way to spread the word about preventative health, good mental health and good physical health, what’s on the inside of the body, not just the outside,” Smith told Metro.

“While playful, it’s a serious message, we will all be better off if we properly monitor what’s happening inside our bodies that we perhaps can’t see in the mirror.”

Thriva's ad

Smith grew up being teased about his small manhood, but eventually used it to start his own advocacy. In 2015, he wrote and performed a poem titled Shorty, then later on published a self-help book called The Small Penis Bible.

“I was teased at school and it made me so self-conscious I didn’t have sex until I was 21. I would get embarrassed if the condom slipped off as my penis was too small to keep it on. It isn’t something you can openly discuss with your friends, even though so many men have a hang-up about it,” he said.

“Somehow the size of your penis has become linked to how much of a ‘man’ you are, which is nonsense.”

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