This bizarre duct tape trend must make getting undressed really painful

Do we really have to tell you that this is NSFW?

After we’ve destroyed the furry nail manicures trend and the ear make-up movement, we can get to work on burning this new ‘fashion’ to the ground.

Body-confident women are wearing nothing but duct tape to the club, and all we can think is that it must hurt to take off at the end of the night.

Pieces of tape are cut and artistically (and we say artistically loosely) placed all over the body to ensure that no indecent exposure laws are violated – barely.

The ‘tape art’ movement which began with the Black Tape Project, a “scintillating visual extravaganza” is capturing global attention and is becoming a fashion trend.

The creator of the fashion trend, Miami artist Joel Alvarez, boasts a pretty substantial following of 185,000 on Instagram, and with wild art/fashion like this, we’re not surprised.

It’s pretty creative, but maybe don’t wear it to your local RSL.