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Aussie legend busts kid stealing his truck and proceeds to HELP him

It’s amazing how some people can instantly turn situations like this into a positive.

In this case, the guy in question makes a joke out of everything for a living, so it wasn’t too hard. It’s none other than James Dezarnaulds aka Jimbo Bazoobi of Jimbo & Gary fame (or infamy).

On a recent visit to Noosa, “Jimbo was inside a shop when he spotted someone sitting in his truck in the parking lot. Upon further investigation, he learned it was a kid named Ryan who’s just trying to figure out how to put the thing in gear. So he helped him out.”

Aww, how sweet. Makes for a good chuckle, especially that bit when he said “Where’s the hole? I often ask that question myself, but it’s just over there.”

For the uninitiated, Jimbo’s a self-proclaimed nomad and comedian, and Gary’s a South African Saanen milk goat that his human companion swapped for a case of beer in 2011. The pair tours the country doing comedy skits and shows wherever possible.

If you’ve heard the comedian’s name tied up in bad news before, that’s because he’s had his fair share of run-ins with the law, including a well-covered 2013 case when Gary ate flowers outside Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Last year, Jimbo himself had his day in court, when he was charged with some serious allegations of [willful and obscene exposure, behaving in an offensive manner and using a carriage service to menace or harass.]

“The first two charges stem from Jimbo peeing into a cup at a Bourke pub…and drinking the urine to try to prove to a doctor the benefits of urine therapy…The third charge is the result of a conversation Jimbo had with a female police officer at Bourke, which he posted as a video.”

Lucky for Jimbo, in the comedy industry, these are markings of a legend in the making. We’ll sure be keeping an eye out for him, and Gary too, of course. Here’s to wishing them the best!

Follow Jimbo on his website, or keep track of the duo’s shenanigans on Facebook or YouTube.

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