Spaghetti doughnuts have landed, and not everyone is happy about it

To us, a donut mixed with tasty pasta sounds like a fantastic idea… But apparently it’s actually the biggest food abomination yet.

A NYC based food vendor, Pop Pasta has created this blend of iconic American and Italian foods and it’s not going down all that well.

Surely this would be a food of the gods, right? What could be better than pasta in the shape of America’s favourite sweet treat?

Unfortunately, the internet is outraged by the idea of spaghetti being moulded into the shape of a donut – not least because this creation is clearly a spaghetti bagel, not a donut.

This savoury ring of glory has been deemed as just a little bit too weird. But hey, the idea is going viral thanks to the trusty internet.

Knowing the speed at which trends fly, I’m sure spaghetti donuts will be available in your local grocery store by the end of the year. Whether you want them or not…