Artist uses analogue film to shoot daily life in Japan, and the results look great

Australian music producer Ta-ku is best known for… well, producing music. Many fans, though, aren’t aware of the double-life he leads as a photographer – and a good one at that.

Earlier this year, he started an Instagram account dedicated entirely to his project 823, a number which represents the phrase “thinking of you” (count the amount of letters in each word to reach 8-2-3).

His photo work is shot mainly across Japan (as well as South Korea), using analogue film. The candid street photography is very reminiscent of Lost in Translation – dark, moody, begging for a story, and oftentimes quite cinematic.

“Every time I write music, it’s for the action of putting it out and sharing it with the audience, so it’s quite impersonal in a way,” explains Ta-Ku.

“For photography, there are photos and moments I can share with the audience, but the majority of them stay with me. A majority of my photos have never been seen by anyone. It’s only a small percentage that I actually put online and on Instagram.

“I think that’s quite special that I’m creating art for myself first and foremost.”

You can find out more about Ta-Ku’s 823 project here.