Artist creates miniatures of all the household items you can think of

At first glance, photos of Malaysian artist Picoworm’s works might look like they’re life-sized. But once a hand comes into the picture, you’ll realise they’re actually highly-realistic miniatures.

Picoworm, also known as Puiwan Lim, is a self-taught artist who exhibits impeccable craftsmanship through her works. Every aspect of her artworks ooze love and attention.

You can almost feel the fatigue in her bones as your eye feast on the art pieces. If you’re a crafter or artist yourself, you’ll know what I mean.

These miniatures encapsulate the old school scenes of Malaysia, where Picoworm is from. For instance, this altar is usually found outside Chinese homes in Southeast Asia. It’s for worshipping the Chinese God of the sky.

Another example is this miniature shophouse, which contains goodies and holds many childhood memories for Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Here are some other pieces from Picoworm. Notice the level of detail on these items. Unbelievable!

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