A man in Canada claims he was given a $149 ticket for singing a 90s song while driving

At last, police are finally cracking down on the real criminals – those who sing along to 90s songs in their cars.

A man in Canada, Taoufik Moalla, claims he was wrongly punished with a $149 ticket for singing along to classic 90s banger ‘Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now)’ by C&C Music Factory while he was driving.

“I was singing,” Moalla told CTV News.

“Isn’t it a good song?”

In what does not appear to be an endorsement of Moalla’s pipes, the police officers who booked Moalla over the incident instead suggest the driver was supposedly “screaming” in his vehicle.

Moalla intends to contest the ticket in court.

Let this be a warning to all those who intend to belt out Backstreet Boys, Oasis or any other 90s-based criminal anthems anytime soon.