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Donkey confuses $450,000 car for carrot, does $45,000 damage

A donkey did $AUD 45,000 worth of damage to a McLaren 650S Spider, after apparently mistaking the luxury car for a large carrot.

German outlet Bild reports that entrepreneur Markus Zhan planned to briefly park the $AUD 450,000 car in front of paddock when the incident occurred.

As the car approached the paddock, a donkey named Vitus took a bite of the car.

“I saw donkey ears in the rear-view mirror,” Zahn told a German court. Zhan says that Vitus then bit the carbon fender of his car doing approximately €30000 (AUD $45000) in damage.

Zhan was left for a bill for €5800(AUD $8700) after his garage covered most of the repair cost.

Zhan wants Vitus’ owner to pay for the damages, but the insurance company says it will only pay half. Zhan should have seen the “danger” of parking in front of Vitus they say.

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Zhan demands the ass pay for its crime.

News corp reports that Vitus was “known to the police” so it seems he may have caused trouble before.


Given the opportunity, Vitus may strike again.

“The background to the crime is still completely unclear; it was not possible to get more of a ‘hee haw’ out of him,” local police said in a statement that properly took advantage of the comedic potential on offer.

Although the incident took place in 2016, Vitus didn’t get his day in court until September of this year.

The court was scheduled to decide on the case on September 28, but Bild has yet to update readers with the decision in this very important story.

Meanwhile, Vitus has been moved to a paddock far from traffic.

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