This designer is so good at art she can turn anything into visual candy

What could possibly be better than being good at something? Being great at many things!

Singaporean designer Peiyi kicks ass at working with diverse mediums. While painting and illustration seem to be her favourite, her talent is pretty apparent in other areas too.

It’s amazing how much she paints for leisure. Often, her works depict random people and things she comes across on her commutes. For instance, a fellow passenger on the train or a bunch of buildings in a quiet neighbourhood.

Other times, Peiyi works on sewing and needle felting. Much like her print art, she uses these mediums to document her everyday experiences.

She also dabbles in other mixed media too. Check out these amazing pieces from her exhibit.

More impressively, she volunteers to help with raising community awareness on mental health issues.

To see more of Peiyi’s artworks, check out her Instagram account.