Featured Image for These highly complex paper pop-up sculptures will absolutely blow your mind … we promise

These highly complex paper pop-up sculptures will absolutely blow your mind … we promise

A German artist is turning heads all around the Internet with a series of incredibly complex paper pop-ups.

These are nothing like the little clowns and cute animals you can find in an ordinary children’s book. These are jaw-dropping cityscapes and intricate geometrical contraptions that will leave you scratching your head in wonder.

Peter Dahmen describes himself as a designer, artist and paper engineer. He has specialised for years in creating spectacular pop-up cards that range from 10-metre-wide folding backdrops for trade shows to miniature sculptures that can fit in the palm of a hand.

His work started to gain popularity through his Youtube channel, where he’s been posting tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos for almost a decade.

His videos have garnered millions of views, attracting the attention of huge companies from all over the world that have commissioned his art for multiple purposes.

His fascination with paper sculptures started while in college when he was given the assignment of creating a 3D object out of paper.

More than the object itself, what puzzled Dahmen was how to transport this delicate construct to class without ruining it in his daily train commute.

He solved the problem by designing the model to fold like a pop-up book, a true Eureka moment that shaped his whole professional career.

His work has been featured in various art books and expositions throughout Germany, and a couple of years ago he was the subject of a short documentary by filmmaker Christopher Helkey.

Although Dahmen is available for commissions, he constantly encourages people to learn to create paper sculpts by themselves.

He has posted a long list of books and other paper engineering resources on his Facebook page, and you can check out his Youtube channel to find his amazing tutorials on how to create highly intricate paper flowers and snakes, among other fascinating objects.

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