We don’t know how to feel about animations stamped on naked bodies

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, UK-based creative agency DBLG has released a stop-motion animation about tiny characters brought to life by armpits, nipples, and butt cracks.

Called Hey Pressto, the short film was made in collaboration with animation studio Animade. It features a nipple with legs, a party coming out of an armpit, and two women playing tennis on different butt cheeks.

The strange yet amusing video was done by imprinting the characters onto human skin with 3D-printed plastic stamps. Think of the technique as using cookie cutters, but on human flesh instead of dough.

The process was time-consuming, seeing as how the filmmakers had to wait 40 minutes for the skin to heal before imprinting the design for the next frame.

“Initially the stamp was typographically based but after some experimentation we felt it didn’t have a tone of voice or playfulness that resonated with us so we started to explore other avenues,” said Grant Gilbert, founder and creative director at DBLG.

“That’s when we got in touch with Animade. We’d been fans of Animade for a long time and always loved how their animations convey a huge amount of character in such a simple and universal way. Animade were absolutely perfect collaborators for this project and we were really excited with the idea to make an animation that crossed into a physical world.”

You can watch the behind-the-scenes video of Hey Pressto here.