Burger King’s surprisingly powerful new video about bullying is the best ad of 2017

Normally it might be a little weird to rely on a fast food chain to make an important point about something as serious as bullying. However ladies and gentleman, that’s just the kind of world we’re living in now.

Burger King, which you’ll likely remember from those times McDonald’s was a little too far away – has started a campaign to make people rethink their response to bullying.

The video contrasts customers’ reactions to witnessing a young student being bullied with their reactions to being told their burgers had been “bullied” – which is just fancy talk for, punched by the cook who made it.

While the results don’t particularly paint people in a great light, the video does also feature a few touching examples of bystanders choosing to help the student and stand up to the paid actors pretending to bully them.

Since its release, the video has gone viral, reaching just under a million views at the time of writing.