These brilliant etchings blend art and science to visualise brain functions

It’s a well-known fact that art and science are controlled by two separate sides of the brain. But what happens when you combine opposing forces?

Neuroscientist-cum-artist Greg Dunn explores the human brain in his project Self Reflective. His beautiful light-reflective etchings prove that art and science can go hand-in-hand. As the man himself explains:

“…for me, art and science don’t have to be working against one another, they can harmonise together to create something which is much greater than either of them can achieve on their own. You don’t have to choose, your brain has the potential to do both.”

His artworks analyse the “look of consciousness”, and each work represents different functions of the brain. Dunn and his partner Brian Edwards developed a technique called ‘micro-etching’, which enables light to be reflected off tiny etches at different angles, giving the artwork an animated look.

As the light bounces off the etches and creates movement, the brain ‘perceives itself’ in the artwork.

“To take a moment and remember that our brains are absolutely insanely beautiful and they are buzzing with activity every instant of our lives,” Dunn said. “Everybody takes it for granted, but we have, at the very core of our being, the most complex machine in the entire universe.”

You can know more about Greg Dunn here.