This Aussie photographer’s Instagram feed is a neon paradise

Aussie photographer and filmmaker James Robinson has got to be one of my favourite up-and-coming artists right now. One glance at his Instagram feed, it won’t be hard for you to see why.

Having recently moved to New York, it’s easy to see how his work connects to a worldwide audience. With his dreamy analog textures, popping neon colours, and 80’s dream-pop aesthetic, Robinson has won the hearts of the Melbourne art and music scene.

As an Asian-Australian – and all-round decent human being – he’s made an effort to cast people of colour in all his projects. He knows first-hand of the struggle that minorities can face, so he decided to express these concepts in his work.

“If you’re struggling with being victimised or oppressed, take that and turn it into art. You can take it and re-appropriate it into something that is empowering for you,” he said.

“I think coming from a place of oppression provides you with a perspective that people who possess privileged people don’t have. It inspires you to be creative. Because you’re ostracised and ‘othered’ for being different, you’re forced into adopting a position of owning that sense of difference rather than try to conform.”

To see more of James Robinson’s photography, head on over to his Instagram page.