Stay in this Dubai hotel and they’ll lend you a complimentary supercar

In many places, free airport transfers are already considered a luxury. But definitely not in Dubai, where one hotel is lending their guests a selection of complimentary supercars.

The H Hotel has recently launched a promo wherein clients who book the two-story rooftop suite will get to drive a supercar of their choice for the duration of their stay.

The offer includes a five course Arabian-inspired bespoke dinner prepared by world-renowned chef Greg Malouf, a massage in your in-suite spa, and of course, the chance to drive any of the following cars:

A Rolls Royce Ghost, a Rolls Royce Wraith, a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ferrari California, or Ferrari 458 Spider.

An Uber or a shuttle would have sufficed, but yeah, those are some sweet options too.

According to the H Hotel, the Royal Suite boasts “a large roof-top terrace and swimming pool, an in-suite spa, private cinema, dining room, a royal majlis (a meeting room), study, five living rooms and three opulently appointed bedrooms.

They added: “You will also enjoy the service of two butlers – on hand 24 hours a day – as well as a breakfast served on the terrace.”

The package is priced at AUS$15,200 or US$12,000, for up to six guests. Anyone want to split the bill with me and take turns driving the Ferrari?

Find out more about the promo here.