Meet the 17-year-old who makes the most spectacular 3D latte art

For 17-year-old Daphne Tan, a cup of coffee isn’t just a wonderful and addicting beverage. For her, it’s also her canvas.

The Singapore-based artist is quickly becoming a sensation on Instagram for her next-level 3D latte art. Her designs involve foam characters – such as dogs, dolphins, and giraffes – coming to life, at times even appearing to climb out of their mugs!

Tan uses a milk frother, soy milk, and carob powder to create the thick foam that forms the base shape. She then uses natural food colouring and melted chocolate to add in the tiny details, such as fur patterns and faces.

Instant coffee her works are definitely not. Each caffeine sculpture takes Tan anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to make.

The self-taught teen barista only started making her caffeinated artworks a little more than a year ago, but she has already caught the attention of the coffee world. Last August, she even put on an impressive demonstration at the Singapore Coffee Festival.

“What sparked my interest was a school program where I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee,” she said. “I was experimenting with a French press and found a method to create stable foam to make 3D art on top of my cups.”

To find out more about Daphne Tan and her work, you can check out her website.