Man tries to kill spider with blowtorch, incinerates his entire house

If you’re going to do something, do it right. Something like that was probably running through this guys head when he saw a spider scuttle across his wall.

It was either that or he needed a good excuse to do the ol’ spray paint and ciggy lighter blowtorch trick.

On seeing the eight-legged critter scampering across his line of vision he was up in a flash and Flambé-ing the inside wall of his house in Seattle.

Shockingly, the drywall and spider web combo turned out to be quite combustible.

After sixty grand worth of damage and the evacuation of an elderly woman, he is perhaps considering whether the old adage ‘let scuttling spiders lie’ may actually have a bit of credence.

It’s the latest in a spate of spider murders – so far, none of the perpetrators have been found to have links to Al-Qaeda.

Another American and fellow idiot did the same thing in Arizona only weeks ago. This guy was rooting out the catacombs of his basement with an oxy torch – Lara Croft style – when he ignited a raft of spiderwebs and eventually cremated his whole house.

Despite all the other unbelievably despicable crap going on in America at the moment, these incidents understandably make headlines.