A look into the amazing work of concept artist Dmitriy Yadrov

When I first met Dmitry Yadrov (aka Dima), I had no idea what to expect from this towering blonde who looks like a boxer from a soviet film. It turned out, aside from being born in Russia and being an actual boxer, he possessed raw and wild drawing talent; each of his casual sketchbook scribbles blowing me away.

Since then, the Haifa-based 29-year-old has never stopped surprising me, not only with his skill, but with his curious approach and absolutely prolific output. His style seems, on one hand, grounded in the classic, and on the other, completely unexpected.

To my knowledge, he’s produced a beautiful piece every day for the past three years. To me, his sketches seem like a Zen-dance boxing match, with poses, colours, and expressions all sprawled together.

Dima and I are both animation alumni of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. A big part of the studies is development and pre-production. I find Dima’s concept-art and character designs delightful and inventive.

There are few who utilise film fandom as joyfully. Each rendition takes some fascination to its peak. His caricatures and portraits take from this as well.

We finished our animation degree two years ago. Dima’s graduation film HUM shows, through minimalistic storytelling and virtuous animation, a lot of who he is. Embracing conflict as a dance.

His recent ink works are an explosion of imagination.

Dima is infinitely inspiring to witness. 

To see more of Dmitry Yadrov’s work, you can check out his website, as well as Facebook and Instagram pages.