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Bottled farts are now a thing that you can buy

Everyone loves a good fart joke, even if they pretend they’re too mature to laugh at it.

It’s even a good test of how authentic someone is: are they willing to admit that fart jokes can be funny? If not, they’re probably trying too hard to be serious.

Well now you can take a more direct approach to testing someone on that point, because there’s a new line of disgusting-smelling bottled sprays to bring out your inner prankster.

First up, we have the cleverly-named BARFume Puke Spray, which is pretty much what it says on the tin: spray this stuff in any confined space, and you have a pretty good chance of turning someone’s stomach, because it smells just like vomit. And who wouldn’t want to buy that?

Although judging by the reaction in this video, not everyone will be able to tell that the smell is intended to be barf, even though they can clearly tell it is clearly a bad smell:

This stuff is shipped on Amazon by a seller by the name of Liquid Ass. That’s a great name for someone selling vomit-flavoured liquid in aerosol bottles. And it tells you he’s really committed, because surely Liquid Ass would struggle to diversify his product portfolio with that name. So thank you, Mr. Ass, for doing what you do.

And yet, Liquid Ass does have another product on offer. It might not seem possible, but his other product sounds even better than BARFume. And it definitely has a funnier name. Who doesn’t want their credit card bill to show a purchase of something called Mr. Liquid Ass Fart Spray?

And it looks like the stuff really works as advertised:

This is a great product for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and even anniversaries – because nothing says “I love you” like a bottle of Mr. Liquid Ass Fart Spray.

Keeping bringing us the good stuff, Mr. Liquid Ass. You’re making the world a better place with your wacky, artisanal discharge-scented novelty sprays. Clearly this is what you were put on Earth to do.