Tweeting up a storm: This French artist used Donald Trump’s Tweets to make something beautiful

Perhaps this is what Donald Trump was talking about last week when he teased the media about the ‘calm before the storm.

French artist Parse/Error has created a cloud lamp that reacts in real time to all of the president’s Twitter activity. Every time he tweets, the cloud ominously darkens and a small, contained thunderstorm rages within the lamp.

Each tweet becomes a series of flashes and movements of the cloud, creating a hauntingly beautiful work of art. The lamp is linked to Trump’s twitter account in particular, as Parse/Error believes it is the embodiment of dangerous era.

“A world where the words of one man, released without reflection and with spontaneity on a global social network, can endanger the fate of millions by spreading the ghost of nuclear war on the planet,” the artist explains on his website.

Parse/Error created the political lamp as a means of juxtaposing the beauty of the storm with the ugliness that powers it. It certainly is an ominous reminder of the world’s tense political climate.