NFL announcer makes epic “Ron Burgundy” teleprompter screw up

Most of us have jobs where the occasional screw up can be gently glossed over and gradually forgotten.

“I meant to do that,” you might say after accidentally deleting a file, jamming the photocopier or calling your boss the wrong name.

But in the high stakes world of sports announcing and news reading, there is no room for error. The cameras are rolling, the audience is listening and any mistake with no doubt be shared and laughed at far and wide.

NFL announcer Dick Stockton is feeling a bit of that pain right now after proving that, like Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman, he will read anything that’s put on the teleprompter.

During Sunday’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams, Stockton had the task of promoting Fox’s halftime report.

But Stockton took his job of reading the teleprompter a little too seriously and seems to have mindlessly read out either a glitch or just the same line several times.


The clip was shared on Twitter on Monday and has since been amusing the internet, who have all screw up at work before but didn’t have to suffer the pain of it being broadcast to the world.

It isn’t the first time a Fox NFL teleprompter has caused laughs.

Earlier this month, Curt Menefee was ridiculed after viewers got a glimpse of his unnaturally large teleprompter which featured detailed instructions such as “points to head.”

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