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This killer bee prank causes absolute chaos in elevators

The venn diagram of ‘funny’ pranks and just being straight up evil is a lot closer than many might suspect. And for those who doubt that, this might change your view.

Youtube channel, Official Comedy, conducted one of the crueler pranks in recent times, all under the guise of a beekeeper entering an elevator.

A poor, unsuspecting person would then watch on helplessly as the actor, decked out in full beekeeper gear – but failing to mention whether he does or does not have a chevy – would ‘accidentally’ drop several boxes of supposed ‘live bees’, in the kind of situation that Nicolas Cage fears everytime he walks into a small room.

Understandably, chaotic scenes would then follow, with one man even believing he was in fact being stung by bees.

Surprisingly, he did not take the news that there were no bees and the situation was just a prank, particularly well.

The series of pranks were done in conjunction with Halloween, in an attempt to provide people with a good laugh and an even better scare.