The former Swedish Prime Minister just photobombed a live interview in the most Swedish way

Forget onion eaters and spineless somersaulters, this photo bombing ex-PM is the pollie we need.

During an interview with Benjamin Dousa, the leader of Sweden’s Moderate party, Carl Bildt, the former Prime Minister of the country, bobbled by in the background.

Dousa, noticing that his interviewer was distracted by what must be one of the silliest walks of all time, turned and gave the former leader of his party a polite smile before returning to his interview.

>>Aussie readers, you can check out the video in the player above, everyone else can head over here.

The former PM’s eye contact, head wobble, and awkwardly held coffee cup get us every time. Swedes took to Twitter to claim that Blidt had finally ticked over into ‘Grandpa mode’ and even compared his mannerisms to Mr. Bean.

This sort of behaviuor isn’t that unusual for Bildt, whose trollish tweets regularly send Donald Trump to the burn unit. This one was tweeted up just after North Korea’s recent missile test.

Somehow, politicians photobombing each other is almost commonplace in Sweden. The co-leader of their Green Party crashed an interview with the Liberal leader just last week.