Featured Image for ‘We’re going to f*****g die dude!’ Men escape hellish California blaze through a shower of sparks

‘We’re going to f*****g die dude!’ Men escape hellish California blaze through a shower of sparks

When it comes to close shaves, they don’t get much nearer to the skin than this.

In utterly terrifying footage uploaded to YouTube, two men find themselves in the middle of the Cascade wildfire burning across California.

The pair sat in their car looking for a path through the scorching flames before one is forced to get out, run towards a gate and open it.

It’s hard not to wince as the sparks fly through the air and brush against his hair and skin.

Somehow, he is able to make it back into the car relatively unscathed. The driver then picks a path through the hellish landscape and both men audibly relax (at least as much as can be expected) as they enter thinner clouds of smoke away from the worst of the wildfire.

One of the men has since started a GoFundMe page in an effort to rebuild his life after losing almost everything. Luckily, his roommate had fire insurance.

According to the fundraiser description, the two men called the local sheriff roughly half an hour before the video was captured to see if they needed to evacuate – the response was ‘no’.

They only realised the fire was upon them when they smelled the smoke and saw the sky turn red.

The two men hustled out of there with nothing but their four dogs and the clothes on their backs. It’s likely this hustle and quick-thinking saved their lives, given how close they were to being caught in the flames.

However, the man who created the GoFundMe also said he does not blame the sheriff or the fire department for the lack of evacuation warning, despite their apparent anger in the video.

“Those were words said in a fear-fuelled adrenaline rush. We know they were doing their best and there is no way they could have known how fast it was moving at that time,” he said.

“I heard at one point it was burning 1,000 acres per hour. We have nothing but respect for what they have done for our community.”

The pair’s home was completely destroyed by the Cascade fire, which has burned across 12,000 acres in California.

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