This Brutalist espresso machine is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen

Enter any third-wave cafe and you’ll notice that everything looks impeccable, from the furniture to the light fixtures to the chalkboard. Well, except maybe for the espresso machine.

Scandinavian-American multidisciplinary design studio ‘Montaag’ is trying to change that. Recognising that most espresso makers are made for function rather than form, they decided to challenge that notion by creating a model that doubles as a sculpture.

The result is called AnZa, a machine so beautiful you’ll look forward to making a cup of brew more than you already do.

It comes in two designs: the first is Brutalist architecture-inspired with its concrete façade, the second more minimalist with a sleek Corian material. Both are finished with glass, brass, and wood, to complete their eye-catching figures.

The designers at Montaag worked on developing the prototypes for four years. They got the idea for the concept after noticing the espresso machines at the repair store next to their office all looked the same.

Per Ivar Selvaag, principal at Montaag, explained: “Surprisingly little in the way of new thinking has taken place in the world of espresso machines—especially given the attention paid to progressive interior architecture and how much real estate these machines take up in your kitchen.”

To know how to get one of these beauties, head on over here.