Weird beauty products ridiculed to oblivion in this fantastic photoshoot

A Latvian artist has created a series of photographs that provide a sarcastic commentary on vanity and women’s role in society. The work depicts female models using some of the most bizarre beauty products found on the internet.

Evija Laivina is a Latvian photographer who has been based in Scotland since 2009. Her body of work, characterised by its spontaneity and wit, mostly revolves around identity, society and human interaction.

Her recent series, titled Beauty Warriors, is inspired by the weirdest and most ridiculous beauty products found on the net, the stuff usually made in China that promises eternal youth and beauty without the need for surgery or a healthy diet. Because you know, who needs those when you can wrap your head in magic aluminum foil?

Fancy a slimmer chin? Forget about silly exercise, there’s a product for that. Try this super comfortable rubber mouthpiece that tone your face, shut you up for a few minutes and make you look like a living sex doll as an added bonus.

Many of these products seem more like torture devices than anything remotely related to beauty. Laivina mocks society’s obsession with outer appearance and provides a well-timed commentary about the pressure on women to adhere to certain physical standards.

She explains in her official website; “To be successful, you must be perfect and look perfect— these are our society’s rules, which we all follow without even realising how ridiculous the standards are. We often forget about the importance of inner beauty.”

In Beauty Warriors she creates a series almost romantic portraits of women uncomfortably using these useless gadgets while attempting to appear relaxed and pretty. The whole idea is so simple and effective, it was awarded the Student Spotlight at the LensCulture Portrait Awards this year. The project has also earned shout-outs on BBC and Scottish network STV 2.

If Laivina’s striking work interests you, limited edition prints of every image from this series are available for purchase at her official website.