Time-sensing shower curtain inflates to stop shower hogs

A London-based artist has come up with a brilliant solution for the problem of shower-hogs and water wastage.

Elisabeth Buecher has created a shower curtain featuring inflatable soft spikes that fill up with water after the shower has been running for over four minutes.

In the nicest way possible, these spikes fill up and slowly push the user out of the shower.

This will be especially useful for that one partner/family member/roommate who is always taking too long (fact: every home has one).

Although it seems perfect for dealing with shower hogs, Buecher calls the piece “My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior,” suggesting that she is more concerned with ecological issues.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), one-third of the world’s population live in countries that are experiencing water shortages.

But to be fair, four minutes does seem a little quick to be pushing people out of the shower since research shows the average show goes for about eight minutes.

And it isn’t just showering that’s going on.

Last year, bathroom company American Standard surveyed 1,200 consumers in America between the ages of 18 to 65 to learn more about shower habits.

A shower selfie. Seriously, who does that?

The study found that 57% of respondents admitted to taking selfies in the shower more than once a week and 53% of consumers pee in the shower.

Buecher has yet to invent a device to stop shower selfies or peeing, but we hope she is working on it.