Remarkable audio captures Sheriff bemoaning possible release of ‘good prisoners’ back into society

If you still aren’t convinced that America may have racial issues – even after the emergence of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the totally normal endorsement of a (successful) presidential candidate from the KKK’s leader, and the widespread outrage over NFL players kneeling during the United States anthem to peacefully protest the treatment of minority groups – this may finally sway you.

A law reform will soon come into effect in Louisiana, with the area hoping to finally turn around its status as the ‘most incarcerated state‘.

The changes will see adjustments in sentencing, with lesser offences leading to alternative consequences.

However, Caddo Parish sheriff, Steve Prator, lamented the reform in perhaps the most bizarre manner possible.

After suggesting it would see serious offenders released back into society too soon, he said the community would also struggle as “good” prisoners would be gone too.


“In addition to the bad ones — and I call these bad — in addition to them, they’re releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that, where we save money,” Prator actually said.

Into a microphone.

The comments have led to some to suggest Prator’s attitude is reminiscent of slavery. Despite being just 32% of the overall population of the state, African-Americans make up 66% of its prison population.

A spokesperson for Prator has reiterated that the sheriff’s comments were not about race, but instead, those guilty of more and less serious crimes.