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New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees: Favourites and a few surprise omissions

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – the best and most famous thing in Cleveland that isn’t named LeBron – has announced its new round of nominees. Among the bunch are a few sure things, a couple of smokies and a few surprise omissions.

Among those considered favourites for immediate induction are Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine. Also included in the field is Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, Nina Simone and The Cars, while British singer Kate Bush has finally made the list of nominees despite being eligible for the past 14 years.

But the announcement has not been without controversy (whether or not that’s manufactured controversy to produce newspapers and fuel internet clicks we’ll leave up to you).

A number of artists who some have deemed worthy for admission have been left out of the field, including Nine Inch Nails and Motorhead, the latter of which would have been a perfect addition due to the recent death of frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

Australia’s Nick Cave has also been overlooked, as have indie darlings Television and Sonic Youth. (If you don’t know who they are, your barista wears their albums as t-shirts).

The process of nomination, voting and induction has been criticised over the years for a number of reasons, including a lack of transparency, disregarding women and black artists, favouring American and British acts and overlooking other musical genres.

Then there’s the ongoing Monkees controversy, with the band apparently consistently overlooked due to a personal whim.

For those not familiar with the process, each round of inductees is preceded by the announcement of a pool of nominees. From there, those in the know vote to produce five artists which are to be included in the Hall of Fame.

The criteria for admission is that it’s been 25 years or more since your first single was released, putting the date for this round as 1992.

The eventual list of inductees will be announced later in the year, with an induction ceremony to follow.

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