KFC putting GPS directions in a cassette is as dumb as it is brilliant!

How would you like Colonel Sanders to be the voice of your GPS? The catch is, you’d have to have a car manufactured before 1988!

KFC in the US has launched a ridiculously brilliant marketing stunt that features the fast food icon giving directions through an old-school cassette tape.

You read that right. The zany concept involves the Colonel talking you through 40 minutes of directions. The journey starts specifically in Louisville, Kentucky – the birthplace of KFC. You’ll then pass through Corbin, where the company’s original fried chicken recipe was invented, and then end at the Big Chicken restaurant in Marietta, Georgia.

It’s unclear how exactly you can cop a KFC cassette, but if you’re interested in doing the two-day journey, a YouTube clip of the recording is available above.

This isn’t the first time KFC has launched a kooky promotional campaign. In the past, they came up with cheeky stunts like a romance novel for Mother’s Day, as well as chicken-flavoured nail polish.