Featured Image for Harvey Weinstein feared to be “depressed” and “suicidal” after daughter’s 911 call

Harvey Weinstein feared to be “depressed” and “suicidal” after daughter’s 911 call

In the most recent swerve in the spate of events surrounding the famed Hollywood producer and co-founder of Miramax, a distressing call from Remy Lily Weinstein prompted police response to her home

The castle continues to crumble for Harvey Weinstein. Footage has emerged of the film legend leaving his daughter’s property after a 911 call had been made warning the operator of his thoughts and behavior, with the words “depressed” and “suicidal” allegedly used by Remy, one of his five children.

A “heated argument” had apparently spilled out onto the street, with father and daughter yelling at each other.

This, of course, comes on the heels of Weinstein’s firing from The Weinstein Company, due to sexual harassment allegations propelled by the initial New York Times investigation, not to mention the continual barrage of accusations coming out of the woodwork.

Remy later retracted her initial claim made on the emergency call. Upon interacting with the police, she’d apparently cast away the incident as a “family dispute.”

However, the video below from TMZ injects an interesting spin to the story involving the Pulp Fiction producer and his 22-year-old daughter, including some third and even fourth party accounts.

An alarm company employee was reportedly present during (or for at least for part of) the confrontation, and they had spoken to a neighbor about the fuss, using the same language to describe Weinstein’s apparent state of mind.

Watch the clip below and keep it in mind as you monitor the developing story:

We hope Weinstein and his family can sort this awful mess out, and for all aggrieved parties caught up in the scandal to receive the justice they deserve.

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