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150 people tried drawing logos from memory, and the results are hilariously bad

One glance at a slightly-bitten silver apple and you can easily tell which brand that logo represents. It’s how visual communication works. But as one experiment has shown, identifying logos is one thing, but remembering them from memory is another.

Signs.com recently challenged 150 people to draw 10 famous logos from memory, without the help of visual cues and in just half an hour. The results? Hilariously bad.

The illustrations were all arranged in a chart based on accuracy. Most of the logos recreated were either skewed, re-angled, or had their colours changed completely.

For the Apple logo, one in three participants gave it a stalk even though it doesn’t have one. 22 percent, meanwhile, put the bite on the wrong side. For the iconic Starbucks mermaid, nearly half believed she doesn’t wear a crown (she does).


The results for Foot Locker, 7-Eleven, IKEA, and Dominos, weren’t encouraging either.


Burger King



Foot Locker

Domino’s Pizza



So what does this fascinating experiment teach us? Even though people forgot many identity elements – such as the shapes and typography – the majority of them did recall the colour palettes.

Karen Haller, a leading authority in the field of applied colour psychology, explained to Creative Bloq:

“People have an emotional connection with colour first. Then we take in the shapes, the logo, and we read the words,” she said. “If we sense a mismatch, it’s the colour we don’t believe, despite the beautifully crafted words.”

If you’d like to take up the challenge, you can take the quiz at Signs.com (at the bottom of the page).

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