“Un-Australian”: Watch Lisa Wilkinson eat meat pie WITH A SPOON

Last September, the Today show host committed a sacrilegious act on live television by eating a pie with… dun dun dun… a spoon!

During a coverage of the 2017 Official Great Aussie Pie Competition, Lisa Wilkinson was seen desecrating the beloved snack as her co-hosts watched in horror.

Footage of the harrowing incident shows the 57-year-old lifting the lid off a meat pie then digging around with a spoon. Karl Stefanovic looks on in bewilderment, then calls her out for the indignation she’s causing.

“Lisa’s eating a pie with a spoon,” he said. “un-Australian.”

Unfazed, Lisa responded: “That’s what I always do. You know me.”

Reactions on social media were mixed. Some frowned at the faux pas. “She’s done it again … Karl’s face says it all. She will make him fall off his chair one day,” one viewer said.

Others actually encouraged it. Shame!

“When I order a pie, I always eat the pastry and if the kids don’t want my filling, I just toss it,” said another commenter. “Next time I want one, I will have to have a date with Lisa!”