This glass bridge in China pretends it’s shattering as some sort of sick practical joke

Everyone has that one mate who just can’t help but take pranks too far. Well, definitely don’t show them this – they may get ideas.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll regularly scare yourself by questioning how much faith you put in certain things. What if my car’s steering fails and sends me flipping down the highway? How do I know the guy passing me in the alley doesn’t have a gun? Why do I trust this bridge to support my weight?

The latter is surely on the minds of all who traverse this bridge in China, which for whatever reason is made of glass.

Cool. You can see exactly which distant patch of ground you’ll hit if you fall. Just great.

But the designer behind this particular bridge isn’t just cruel – they are almost certainly a complete lunatic.

Because they decided it would be a good idea to use special effects to simulate cracks spreading under your feet as you walk across. They even added the distinct sound of fracturing glass.

Unsurprisingly, everyone who crosses completely swamps their undies.

To make matters worse, the 266-metre-long bridge hangs off a cliff face 1km above the ground.

You go first, we’ll be right behind you. We promise.

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