Spot the penis hidden in this popular kids cartoon

A popular Netflix kids cartoon has set the internet ablaze after an eagle-eyed mum spotted a hidden cave drawing of a penis and shared her disgust on Facebook. Needless to say, people were stunned.

The wayward phallus was spotted by a furious mother, Chey Robinson while she was watching episode 35 of the popular animated kid’s show Maya The Bee.

The scene in question saw Maya buzzing into a log to hide from the villains. Robinson was horrified to discover a cleverly hidden schlong drawn on the bark, and she captured the clip with her mobile phone and shared it on her social media.

The clip was accompanied with the caption: “Smh [Shaking my head], please be mindful of what your kids are watching. I did not edit any images whatsoever.” The video has since been shared almost 15,000 times and has accumulated over 3,000 comments.

“I am EXTREMELY DISGUSTED by it… there should be no reason why my kids should have to see something like this!” says the furious mum in the video.

The post sparked a mixed reaction on Facebook. One user commented, “People are so damn perverse & trying to corrupt innocent children! Makes me sick!”

“It’s still wrong. The person behind this is literally disgusting. Who would even think about putting that in a kids show for ‘fun’ or whatever reason? That’s disgusting,” another said.

Conversely, other users brushed it off and claimed that it was hardly noticeable.

“Are you being serious? My kids would not look that closely at a tree trunk. Plus, they won’t even know what that was,” said one.

Studio 100 Animation, the production company behind Maya The Bee, has apologised for the sneaky dick.

“[This] obviously results from a very bad joke from one of the 150 artists working on the production,” a spokesperson for the company told the BBC. “This is indeed unacceptable to Studio 100 as owner of the brand and all its affiliates and doesn’t reflect the quality of our work and our values.”

The Paris-based company added that it was “taking all suitable technical measures to remedy the situation,” which includes sorting through their pool of artists to figure out which dirty-minded creative was responsible.

Via Daily Mail