WATCH: Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer is out and HOLY CRAP IT’S AMAZING!

OMG we just saw the second trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi and it has completely blown our minds! Tides change, heroes fall and everything just looks awesome as f****

As it was announced yesterday, the second trailer for “Star Wars The Last Jedi” was just released during the halftime of the Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears game during the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.

Just after it aired on TV, the 2m 34 second spot hit youtube raking more than 100K views in just 5 minutes after being posted.

Director Rian Johnson has been campaigning since August for fans to steer away from all promotional material and go into the movie cold when it comes out this December, and while we really, REALLY tried, all those hashtags and Facebook posts were just too much. We accept our fall into the dark side.

And to be honest, the trailer is not spoilerish at all. It’s the complete opposite; enticing.

This second trailer leaves more questions than answers and that’s precisely what every piece of good promotional material should do.

Kylo continues to do some serious damage to his genetic tree, at last we get a peek of Snoke and hell, we even saw the adorable Porgs!

Oh and Just one word… AT-AT.


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