This is the secret to how Game of Thrones brought that epic zombie polar bear to life

It’s no secret that the Game of Thrones crew are masters at making the unrealistic look realistic, and they’ve really outdone themselves this time.

In episode six of season seven, GoT fans were introduced to a zombie polar bear, which we all know doesn’t exist in real life, so how exactly did they pull it off? Members of the crew recently put together a behind-the-scenes video so that fans can see exactly how it was created.

The stuntman, pictured below, was dressed in a green suit that would later be digitally manipulated to become the zombie polar bear. The flaming ball, meanwhile, was maneuvered with levers by his side to give movement to the bear’s head.

Rowley Irlam, the show’s stunt coordinator, joked that “the polar bear fight was a huge challenge” because they obviously didn’t have a zombie polar bear, but they did have “a big guy in a green suit.”

Joe Bauer, VFX supervisor, described the scene as being very much like a shark attack. In that, “you’re in a blizzard, your visibility is 10 feet and you’ve got something out there that you don’t know where it’s going to come from.”

The authenticity of this came from the actors themselves not having any sense of direction. Kit Harrington (Jon Snow, but come on surely you already knew that) said that he was told that it was going to be confusing at the start due to the scene being created in a big CGI box.

The only thing they had to work with was each other and the stuntman, as not only was the bear added in later but the scenery as well.

If you want to see how it was made for yourself, check out the video above.