LOL: Man sets record for putting on most pairs of undies in 30 secs

Setting a new world record is no doubt an incredible feat. But sometimes, it could also be strangely hilarious.

In June, an Italian man named Silvio Sabba set the new Guinness World Record (GWR) for putting on the most pair of underwear in 30 seconds. The record-breaking number? 13.

A video of the attempt shows Sabba using a special technique to put on the garments in record time. With the undies perfectly arranged on a table, the man picks up each one, leaps high up in the air, and slips his legs through.

According to GWR, the previous record was also held by Sabba. “It may seem like a simple task, but this challenge has been pushed so far that the record has only ever been broken by one pair of underpants for each successful attempt,” the organisation said.

So now, if you’re already running late and still getting dressed, you know what to do.