Featured Image for A-ha did an acoustic version of Take On Me and the Internet had a meltdown

A-ha did an acoustic version of Take On Me and the Internet had a meltdown

Take On Me is one of the biggest songs of the eighties and is best known for its upbeat tempo and, of course, that iconic video clip.

In a recent MTV unplugged gig at Giske Harbour Hall, A-ha played a beautifully stripped back rendition of their seminal hit song. As you begin to listen, it takes a few seconds to realise that it, is in fact, Take On Me, without that catchy riff we’ve all come to know so well.


In this version, A-ha has shown just how beautiful the song really is by letting you be completely absorbed by the lyrics.

Heck, you could even slow dance to it!

Even after all these years, singer Morten Harket can still hit the high notes. And for anyone who has tried to sing along to this song, you’ll know just how difficult that is. The only disappointing thing is that he hasn’t kept that amazing hairstyle he once had.


Oh well.

In the audience, people can be seen wiping away tears. So a word of warning: you may want to have a box of tissues close by.

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Comment (3)

    Helen Osborne

    Saturday 14 October 2017

    Love this version!


    Mike Wheeler

    Sunday 15 October 2017

    My favorite 80’s group..believe me every album of theirs are excellent, would like to have seen them in concert..bringin’ back many memoirs would sell out if they would come to the states to play today!!


    Cuddly Curmudgeon

    Monday 16 October 2017

    The Internet averages about two or three meltdowns a week. They don’t really mean very much anymore. #CurmudgeonsAgainstHyperbole