Featured Image for The short film ‘Who’s Hungry?’ is five minutes of pure, insane horror

The short film ‘Who’s Hungry?’ is five minutes of pure, insane horror

We love here at Lost at E Minor to showcase and promote amazing short films from all around the globe. We pick outstanding works that shine for their ingenuity and high production value, and this time we’re revisiting Who’s Hungry?, certainly one of the most twisted shorts we’ve ever seen.

David Ochs is an up-and-coming animator with credits on Pixar’s Monsters University and who’s currently serving as supervising director on Cartoon Network’s animated show Clarence. David is a CalArts graduate who rattled the student award scene back in 2009 with his first freshman short, Who’s Hungry?

The film is a reinterpretation of Grimm brother’s classic Hansel And Gretel, told from the perspective of two little kids who end up being tricked by a more than sinister ice-cream man. The film is incredibly fast paced and denotes a masterful sense of tone and story beats for a guy who at the time was only in his first year of university. Ochs chose a sketchy, cartoony art style that contrasts very effectively with the torrid and ultra gory content.

Popular animation site Cartoon Brew covered the film at the time, quoting Christopher Meeks, his story teacher at CalArts.

“One of my freshman, David Ochs, last fall had asked me one day in class what the controlling idea (ie theme) of Hansel And Gretel might be, and off the top of my head, I said something like, “With true innocence comes great power.” Little did I know David wanted to redo the fairy tale, and he created a fully animated five-minute film.”

The film ended up winning the Peer’s Pick award at the CalArts Character Animation Producers Show of 2009. Meeks praised the huge gamble David took with the project.

“Freshmen, for instance, cannot create a piece over 90 seconds, and if they do, it will not be shown [at the Producers’ show], with one exception. The exception is if the student body chooses it as the best film… He knew going in that the only way it could be shown is if the student body selected it. The film ended up being so fabulous that it won the Peer’s Pick Award.”
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