Chanel has released clear plastic rainboots and Twitter has feelings

Chanel unveiled its Spring 2018 Collection during Paris Fashion Week and has turned some heads with a range of clear items.

Twitter has feelings about the inclusion of clear gloves, ponchos hats and rainboots in the Collection.

Many weren’t too happy about all the clear going on:

Others took a more practical approach, pointing out that things might get a little hot and humid in those boots.

Which led back to memories of the clear Yeezy boots and these awful results:


But others praised them, presumably because it’s Chanel and they work in fashion so they have to.

To the untrained eye, this may all look like cheap clear plastic, and not worth the inevitable $500 price tag.

You poor philistines. This is high fashion. of course it’s worth the money.

If Chanel’s followers really want to pursue clear plastic, maybe they should go all the way a wrap themselves up like these Japanese newlyweds.