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Cards Against Humanity to release a Disney-themed pack?

There’s a rumour circulating on the internet that the beloved “party game for horrible people” will release a Disney-themed expansion pack, and we’re all praying it’s true.

Disney’s too-perfect-to-be-real characters have always been fertile ground for lewd jokes and foul-mouthed mockery, so it seems only natural that Cards Against Humanity would want to adopt it for its infamous game. If you ask us, not only does it sound logical, it was about freaking time!

Viral news site Pretty52 reported that Cards Against Humanity posted – and then deleted –  a glimpse of their upcoming Disney-themed expansion pack on their official Facebook page.

“Next on the list of Disney’s unnecessary sequels: _____ 2″, “Thanks to Disney, I have unrealistic expectations about ___”, “Bambi’s dead mother”, and “Dory the lesbian fish” are some of the hilarious prompts included in the supposed new pack.

Cards Against Humanity to release a Disney-themed pack? by Benjamin Pineros

Sadly, there are no traces of this release on any of the official Cards Against Humanity sites. The alleged announcement was taken down shortly after being posted, and the only “proof” is a couple of screenshots taken by fans.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Cards Against Humanity is an incredibly famous party game, well known for its satire, wit and unabashed vulgarity. In the game, players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using the politically incorrect and more often than not offensive phrases printed on the cards. The winner is the player who gets the most laughs. The decks are available under a Creative Commons license and are free to download so you can print your own set.

You can also order a physical set from their online store, which also offers other expansion packs like “The Period Pack” and a “’90s Nostalgia Pack”

Recently, Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin launched Secret Hitler, a social deduction game in which players are divided into Liberals and Fascists.

Cards Against Humanity to release a Disney-themed pack? by Benjamin Pineros


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