Featured Image for Vegas gunman booked other hotel rooms overlooking festivals (NSFW)

Vegas gunman booked other hotel rooms overlooking festivals (NSFW)

The mystery surrounding the attack in Las Vegas seems to grow with each new update from authorities. Sources now say the perpetrator may have visited several music festivals in the greater Las Vegas area in the previous weeks before the massacre.

Officials believe Stephen Paddock booked a room at El Cortez Hotel and Casino, located at the opposite end of the Strip from the Mandalay Bay Hotel where the “Life is Beautiful” music festival took place on the weekend from September 22 to September 24. It is possible he rented a second room with a direct view of the festival through Airbnb at the 21-story Ogden condominiums.

The ongoing investigation also points out that last August, the shooter booked hotel rooms in Chicago during the Lollapalooza music festival. One of the reservations was in the Blackstone on South Michigan Avenue, right across Grant Park where the event took place.

“We can confirm that there was no guest under (Paddock’s) name who stayed at our hotel in August during the Lollapalooza music festival. We are cooperating with the authorities on this matter.” A Blackstone Hotel spokesman told ABC News in a statement.

Authorities are still investigating if Paddock traveled to Chicago at the time.

Additional information also suggests that the gunman also searched for hotels near Fenway Park in Boston, home of the Red Sox and stage of various high profile concerts during the year.

The Boston Police Department said in a statement today, “We are aware of the media reports referencing a Boston connection to the Las Vegas mass shooting incident that occurred on Sunday, October 1, 2017. The Boston Regional Intelligence Center is in contact with our local and federal law enforcement partners here and in Las Vegas and continues to monitor the situation. There is currently no known threat to the Metro Boston homeland security region related to this incident.”

Although it is still not clear whether Paddock stayed in those rooms or even visited those cities on those dates, authorities presume he was “scouting” locations both online and in person.

the latest updates say there is a possibility he was planning additional attacks, including a car bombing. The official who revealed the information wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

ABC managed to get hold of pictures and footage of the hotel room from which Paddock executed the massacre, revealing piles of weapons and what appears to be his dead body.

Officials told ABC News that investigators are beginning to believe the 64-year-old assailant might not have worked alone. Paddock was seen with a woman who was not his girlfriend in the days before Sunday night’s shooting.

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