Moron throws water bottle at driver, accidentally throws $100 as well

This video is definitely proof that karma works in mysterious ways… and boy, does she work.

Yesterday morning, a road rage video was uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia. It’s about a young woman who gets attacked by an abusive and impatient fellow driver. Don’t worry, this has a happy ending.

The video begins with the woman patiently waiting for a parking spot to become available. The driver behind her honks her horn multiple times. Not long after, the woman screams out some profanities and yells, “I’m getting a car spot.”

The horn honking and swearing between both drivers continue until the woman finally gets her car parked. But it’s not yet over. The driver stops in front of her and throws a water bottle at her windscreen.

Although, as luck may have it, a $100 bill accidentally flies out of the car along with the water bottle. Basically, she was gifted $100 for copping a drink bottle to the car. We are definitely jealous.

The young woman later on uploaded the video with the caption: “At Cabramatta today, ended up with $100 with a water bottle chucked at my windscreen hahahha.”

All’s well that ends well.