Moron learns the hard way that he shouldn’t smoke at gas stations

“Act like a safety hazard, get treated like a safety hazard.”

Recently in Sofia, Bulgaria, an idiot got what he deserved after he decided to light up a cigarette at a gas station and refused to put it out after being asked to do so.

CCTV footage shows the man gassing up while taking a smoke. An employee off camera tells him to put it out, but the halfwit refuses. So what does he do? He puts it out himself – by grabbing a nearby fire extinguisher and dousing the cig, along with the smoker and his car, with foam!

The clip has since gone viral, with social media lauding the hero.

“I love how the smoker even up till the last moment (or so it seems) was like ‘no way man he’s just bluffing’ then BOOM!” said one Redditor.

Another added: “Act like a safety hazard, get treated like a safety hazard. Nobody cares how cool you are when you’re putting lives and property at risk.”

Time to quit smoking, you guys. It’s bad for your health AND your car’s interior.

Via Bored Panda

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