Meet the baker who makes pies that are too beautiful to eat

For Karin Pfeiff Boscheck – an artist, photographer, and cook from Germany – pies aren’t only tasty desserts. These pastries are also edible artworks.

The woman behind the ‘Our Delicious Food’ blog treats raw dough as if it were a canvas. She sculpts, carves, and slices the material to give it intricate and whimsical braids, lattices, and motifs of flowers, leaves, stars, and hearts.

She’s already made hundreds of these beautifully-patterned pies, with flavours ranging from apple to peach to chocolate.

Boscheck takes pre- and post- oven photos too, so you could see how the crust design turns out. It helps that she’s a photographer, which makes the images of the homemade tarts all the more delectable.

If you’d like to try baking her pies, Boscheck posts the recipes on her blog. Good luck and hope you don’t end up with a Pinterest Fail!