Insane footage emerges of Dan Bilzerian running INTO the Las Vegas shooting

Gun-packing Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian has been filmed running into the carnage of the Las Vegas shooting.

The footage emerged after Bilzerian, who was attending the route 91 music festival, released a series of videos to his Instagram story documenting his response to the massacre. The professional poker-player filmed himself multiple times. Addressing his 23 million followers, he claimed he was getting a gun before heading back into to the scene of the horrific shooting.

“So I had to go grab a gun. I’m f—ing headed back. It’s f—ing so crazy — some kind of mass shooting,” he said from inside of a car “F—ing guy had a heavy caliber or whatever.”

WARNING: Graphic Language

He later released another video, in front of police lights, telling his followers that “they got one of the guys” and that he was going home, adding “I don’t think there’s much I can do.”

In the newly released footage, Bilzarian asks a police officer for a weapon as they take cover on the outskirts of the music festival. The officer dismisses him, saying “No, get the f— away from me right now. I don’t know who the f— you are”

Another frantic video shows Bilzerian searching a police car whilst others take cover behind it. His actions have been widely debated, with some praising his bravery and others criticsising his actions in filming himself during the attack.

Bilzerian was called out by US Marine Dakota L. Meyer for his actions on the night of the attack. Sergeant Meyer, who is a Medal of Honor recipient, shared a screenshot of Bilzerian’s video with the caption “This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos”.

He went on to criticise Bilzerian for running away, saying “People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting”.

Bilzerian gained celebrity status through Instagram, pairing provocative captions with photos of himself, guns, and bikini-clad models. He trained to be a Navy SEAL, however despite multiple attempts, he never graduated the training program.