WATCH: Internet baffled by gentleman who turns Maccas into fine dining restaurant

For most, dining etiquette is all about context. But for this dapper fellow, even a cheeky Maccas run warrants most proper table manners.

Known only as ‘the well-dressed dude with a nice haircut’, this mystery man got caught eating chicken nuggets in the weirdest way – and the internet has blown up with a mix of outrage, confusion and great amusement.

You see, instead of attacking his chicky nuggs and fries like a ravenous lion, he quietly tucked into his grub with a plastic fork.

The original video was reportedly shared on social media by a now-deleted account, but not before it absolutely exploded across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We can’t quite decide which camp we sit in. On one hand, what’s wrong with a fine gent showing a bit of class at Mickey D’s? Perhaps he’s on his way to a job interview and doesn’t want to give his potential employer a Sweet ‘n’ Sour handshake.

On the other hand, what kind of person doesn’t like going full caveman on their nuggets? Just tear into it with gusto!