These dolphins were in awe after seeing squirrels for the first time

Basically, all of us whenever we stumble upon these fluffy rodents.

Recently at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, an employee was passing through the dolphin nursery when she saw the cutest thing: a pod of dolphins completely mesmerised by two squirrels.

The video she took shows the four dolphins eagerly observing two squirrels foraging for food outside of their tank. At one point, the rodents move to the other side of the enclosure, prompting the curious cetaceans to follow them.

A pod of dolphins looking tat squirrels

The scene not only proves how dolphins are cute AF, but also how intelligent they are. With that said, seeing these beautiful animals trapped in tanks is heartbreaking. Most of them die early due to the mental, emotional, and physical stress they get from living in captivity. In fact, more than 5,000 cetaceans have died in such conditions since the 1950s.

So if you’re a fan of these squirrel-loving dolphins, do them a favour. Never go to aquariums and marine parks like Sea World. Their supreme leader, Bubbles, thanks you.

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